Meet Kristin


I love the ocean.

And when thinking of the story of my professional life, it struck me that the ocean is a perfect metaphor for my journey.

On the surface there is so much to enjoy... the sound of the waves crashing, the blue sparkling water, salt in the air, seagulls calling, finding the cool patch of sand under my chair.

I enjoyed my career as a speech and language pathologist. I loved watching people evolve, helping them feel understood and learning how to express themselves.

I adored my next venture in the world of animal communication. Helping people find the power in their intuitive connection with animals and nature, becoming confident animal communicators and teachers, and helping them create businesses doing the work they loved was truly gratifying.

All of this brought me much satisfaction and joy. But like the ocean, there’s so much more under the surface. If you take a deep breath, dip under the surface and open your eyes, a whole new world will be revealed.

While I loved my work, something was missing. I took a deep breath and slipped under the surface. What I found was my true passion, my calling.

Some of my clients had such a passion for the work they were doing that it was no longer enough to keep their skills to themselves. They wanted to create a business to help others. I loved that!

My clients had lots of questions...What do I do? How do I market myself? How do I price this? How will I stand out from the crowd? How can I charge for something that comes naturally to me?

That last question resonated with me. While I was well versed in good business practices, I discovered that all the business knowledge in the world won’t lead you to success if your money mindset or your relationship with money isn’t healthy.

It became clear that if we don’t get a handle on our money blocks, we’ll never develop the confidence to create a successful business. All of this potential to help animals and people and the planet would sit there, stagnant.

So I dove deep. I learned to identify, uncover, and release those money blocks. I gave myself permission to look at my money resistance and found the courage to speak my truth, that I wanted to have a prosperous life. That enabled others to do the same.

Today, I’m living my purpose, helping women entrepreneurs develop the healthy money mindset and the tools they need to build successful, rewarding businesses. It gives me a sense of peace and strength.

Showing women how to embrace their unique brilliance and design the life of their dreams is a beautiful thing.

So go ahead, dive under the surface. The water’s beautiful!


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