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Life can be more amazing than you ever imagined when you are in touch with animals and nature.

In our roles as parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, business owners, and daughters, we often get lost in our “humanness,” feeling separate from the natural world we live in.

But what if you could feel one with the natural world, using its wisdom and insight to improve lives, deepen relationships, and open doors to healing and harmony?

Animal communication makes that possible.

Through animal communication consultations, you can gain a deeper understanding of your beloved pet, create enduring connections, find pathways to well-being, and insight into their thoughts and feelings.

What’s more, developing your own ability to communicate with animals not only enriches your life, but can become a heart-centered, purposeful business, one that changes lives and brings you time and money freedom.

Welcome to the world of animal communication!

You're about to embark on one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

The animals in our families are in our hearts and lives for a reason. Understanding the "why" can create profound shifts in the relationships we share and in our own individual journeys. An animal communication consultation can lead to profound insight and understanding.

And if you'd like a deeper dive, you can grow your own abilities and confidence as an animal communicator, find community with others who share your deep love and appreciation for animals… and take giant steps in creating a joy-filled life in connection and partnership with animals.

You will be overjoyed with the learning opportunities, experiences, love, support, and community available to you!

Enhance Your Bond with Private Sessions

Your pet already communicates to you with their eyes, heart, and touch. What would it mean to you to understand their thoughts, feelings, and experiences? An animal communication session provides incredible insight that deepens and enriches your bond together.

  • Gain insight into what's going on with your pet when you sense something's "off"
  • Communicate what's in your heart in a way your pet understands
  • Discover why this beautiful soul came into your life and create profound shifts in your relationship
  • Understand your animal friends more deeply
  • Receive guidance to solutions and pathways to greater wellbeing and peace
  • Learn your pet's wants and needs so you can help her live her best life
  • Learn what your beloved animal needs to make the end of life transition peaceful and beautiful
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Animal Communication Certification Training Program

If animal communication speaks to your heart and you’re ready to take the next step, my certification courses will give you the skills and training you need to create a business that helps you fulfill your purpose. 

  • Create the business of your dreams
  • Change lives in a profound way
  • Make a prosperous life for yourself while working in a heart-centered field
  • Create the time and money freedom that allows you to live the life you desire
  • Spend your time working with soul-aligned clients and the animals you adore
  • Bring light, love, insight, and comfort to animals and people alike
Explore the possibilities!

My Path to the Animal Communication World

I have always been strongly connected with animals and have felt their feelings, thoughts, happiness, and pains…in very real and deep ways.

Many years ago, I had an incredible desire to understand and know my horse Woody on a deeper level. He brought me so much joy that I wanted to understand his purpose in my life and to help him be as happy as I could. 

He enlightened me to my gift and how I could share it with the world. Through Woody’s wisdom, I understood my purpose in life, to bring people and animals closer in relationship through understanding, love, hope, happiness, and healing.

I have had many beautiful human and animal teachers along this journey and have followed my own path to being an Animal Communicator and Teacher. I am so grateful to all of the beings who have taught me so much and who guide me every day on this ever continuing journey.

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