VIP Days

Private Intensives

With Kristin Hadley

Do you ever wish you had a magic wand in your back pocket?

One that you could wave over your business, and maybe over yourself, and resolve all the issues keeping you from achieving your goals?

Well... your wish has come true!
It’s not a sparkly wand with mythical powers, but a real, tangible way to create your own magic in your business to solve (once and for all!) the issues holding you back.

Creating a business can be challenging. Figuring out the day to day basics of your business is tough enough, but on top of that, there’s getting your voice and your self out there so your ideal clients can find you, there’s social media, marketing, networking, the list goes on and on.

How will you know what to do and how to do it??

You're not alone!

I’ve been coaching women business owners for  years, and I understand. If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve been dealing with these issues without support: 

  • Mental and emotional exhaustion
  • Disappointment at not living to your potential
  • Fear of putting yourself out there
  • Self doubt and Imposter Syndrome
  • Perfectionism that keeps you imprisoned
  • Difficulty setting boundaries
  • Money blocks - some you're aware of and some that you've inherited without even realizing it

Introducing VIP Day
Private Intensives


For an entire day, you'll get one-on-one, customized coaching on the core area of your business that needs the most help NOW. We’ll work on your master plan and address the areas of most concern to transform your business powerfully and quickly.

It’s like 3 months of coaching all rolled into the space of just one amazing day!

Through the VIP Day Private Intensive, you’ll wield your own powerful magic!

YES! I'm Ready to Transform My Business In a Powerful Way!

What area will you choose to transform?


Sweet & Simple
Signature System

Develop and fine-tune your own Signature System to transform what you do into a repeatable process that adds value to your clients and your bank account.

I'm In!

Money Mastery

Elevate your money mindset to the level that fully supports you as the authentic, freedom loving, abundant she-preneur you want to be.

Yes! Please!

Sacred Money

Move you through your money blocks and money resistance so you can have the abundant life and prosperous business you love.

I'm Ready!

Perfect Packages
and Pricing

Design & price your services into beautifully perfect packages that are irresistible to your
dream clients.

I Need This!

Authentic Branding

Uncover your unique personal brand and create your marketing and branding strategy so you are irresistible to your most beloved ideal clients.

Sign Me Up!

Discover Your
Natural Niche

Discover who your soul-aligned clients are and where to find them so you always work with
people you love.


Whichever VIP Intensive you choose, you can leave your ball gown and magic wand in the closet.

The Real Magic Lies Within You!

What other VIP Day clients have experienced...

Jennifer used her VIP Day to address some of her most challenging issues. Together, we systemized her expertise, tweaked her pricing, and packaged her offerings in new and creative ways. And as a result, she’s already experienced getting 6 new clients in the first month having these new pieces in place in her business.

Susan came to me knowing she could be charging more, but wasn’t sure how to implement that change. She didn’t know what her fees should be or how to roll them out to new clients and explain them to her existing clients. I coached her on how to increase her fees and how to up-level who she works with. We redesigned her service offerings and created a plan for how to tell new and old clients about it with confidence. As a result, she’s now set to double her monthly income in the next 30 days and continue this experience with each new client for the rest of this year.

"Before my VIP Day with Kristin, I was feeling a bit lost on how to bring my vision of my purpose into a cohesive business format where I could navigate the murky waters of marketing with ease. Kristin’s excellent combined business and coaching skills showed me how to get clarity, how to stay focused, and how to stay true to my vision.

The Branding Archetypes we worked with were not only right on, but gave me a sense of excitement, motivation and fun to start working on this part of my business that I was dreading, petrified of, and had a lot of negative thoughts and feelings about.

With my new mindset of how much fun and simple this could be, I have been able to implement my offerings and am working on more." - Janet S.

If you have GOALS for your business that you want to ACHIEVE this year...


Then schedule a discovery call with me... so we can discuss if this Special VIP Day is just what you need to break through to the NEXT LEVEL of your business.

It's time! Let's make it happen!


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