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At Soulful Abundance, my mission is to help women entrepreneurs step into their own unique brilliance and make a positive impact in the world.

Imagine living your life’s purpose and enjoying financial, emotional, and creative freedom.

It's possible for YOU!

Can You Relate?

If you..

  • Want to help people and be a force for good in the world
  •  Want to replace feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty with confidence and security
  • Feel uncertain about what to charge and wind up trading, discounting, or working for free
  • ​Would love to work less and make more money
  • Haven’t quite figured out your purpose
  • ​Have so many walls and blocks around money you really should be in construction
  • ​Can’t quit your JOB to work on your business
  • ​Allow doubt and uncertainty keep you frozen, unsure about everything
  • ​Haven’t quite figured out your purpose
  • ​Need to have an identity and a sense of independence

...then working with me may be the key to creating the life you've always wanted!


How You Do Money Is How You Do Everything

Women are the stewards of the world, the nurturers and the caretakers.

As doers, supporters, givers, and healers, they have a profound impact on those around them. When women have the financial freedom to elevate and nurture themselves, they inspire others in their circle to do the same.

Like a stone dropped in a pond, the ripples of good flow outward to their families, communities, and ultimately, to the world.

Hi! I'm Kristin...


...and I know that wealthy, empowered women will change the world.

It is my joy and mission to help women entrepreneurs create wildly happy, abundant, and prosperous lives. By upgrading your money mindset and creating a business you love, your financial success and sense of self-worth changes the world by empowering you to make decisions that benefit everyone. 

I believe...

...there is only one YOU, and the world needs what you have to offer

...there is no shame in wanting it all, financial freedom, a healthy and balanced life, and a fulfilling career are worthy of the prosperity and abundance your business will provide can have a healthy, empowering, and rewarding relationship with money will be easier than you think, more powerful than you can imagine, and more fulfilling than you thought possible to live on purpose and GO FOR YOUR DREAMS!

I envision us all living in a world where respect and appreciation for people, animals, and nature is ever-present, and that diversity, inclusion, equity, and anti-racism is the norm.

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What Will You Gain From

Money Mindset Coaching?


  • Elevate your relationship with money by clearing the old money blocks that no longer serve you
  • Feel worthy of the money and opportunities that will come your way
  • Create avenues where money and clients flow to you, your work fulfills you, and you’re free to live the life you’re meant to live.


  • Create the signature systems that will sustain a business you love because it’s what people really need
  • Learn how to attract your soul-aligned clients
  • Be released from the stress about where your next paycheck is coming from


  • Develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur
  • Build the confidence you need to communicate your value
  • Know each step to take to create and sustain a profitable business
  • Rid yourself of judgement, fear, and doubt
  • Finally understand that you don’t have to work more to make more
  • Stop feeling guilty about charging for something that comes naturally to you


  • Finally earn what you're worth and enjoy the freedoms of time, choice, and prosperity
  • Feel the satisfaction of bringing your gifts and talents to those who need you
  • Live and work in a way that feels good at a soul level
  • Change the world, starting with your little corner of it.
Explore the Possibilities!

What Past Clients Have Shared...

Diane Dewberry

“Coaching gave me the structure to do in minutes what it used to take hours to do. I was scattered and unfocused until Kristin gave me a structure to repeat again and again.”

Janet Smith

"I was feeling a bit lost on how to bring my vision of my purpose into a cohesive business format where I could navigate the murky waters of marketing with ease. Kristin’s excellent combined business and coaching skills showed me how to get clarity, how to stay focused, and how to stay true to my vision."

Callan Wolf

"Kristin saw things in me that I didn't necessarily see in myself. I was really glad to have that support and encouragement and the gentle nudging of being able to see those good qualities in myself.  I trusted Kristin."

Kim Sauer

"Kristin understood me right from the get-go. She seemed to understand what I was talking about, how I felt, and how that was showing up in my business. She’s intuitive. She’s brilliant, but it’s those softer pieces that she has that speak directly to you and how to help your business. That's exactly what I needed."

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Life can be more amazing than you ever imagined when you are in touch with animals and nature.

I came to business coaching organically through my path of being an animal communicator and animal communication instructor. As people completed my certification programs, they were ready to start their own businesses as consultant animal communicators and teachers.   

Accessing your intuition and telepathic senses is a benefit to you on so many levels - in understanding the animals in your life, understanding your clients, yourself, the energy of projects, money, relationships…life.

It’s that beautiful synergy between what I learned from animals and nature and what I learned as an entrepreneur that led to Soulful Abundance.

I provide a holistic approach using the wisdom of the laws of nature and animals with my business and money mindset expertise to help you create an amazing, abundant, prosperous life.


Learn more about animal communication.

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