4 Steps From Nature On How To Grow Your Business And Thrive

Jun 21, 2022

The other day I was driving down the freeway in the city. There, in the middle of the road amongst the cars and the asphalt, a seedling was sprouting through a crack in the concrete divider.

It was such an odd and beautiful thing to see. This little seedling was thriving in an inhospitable environment. I thought about the phrase “the road less traveled.” The spirit of that phrase was right, but the setting was all wrong!

I live in a home surrounded by a lush wooded area. I marvel at the tall trees every day, but I couldn’t shake the thought of that little seedling in the middle of the freeway.

I’m a firm believer that Nature has something to teach us about all aspects of life. I wondered as a business coach and an entrepreneur myself what lesson there was to be learned from the freeway seedling.

Lessons from a Seedling on How to Grow Your Business

As I was thinking about that little seedling, it occurred to me that it was a lovely metaphor for the women entrepreneurs I work with who are trying to grow their businesses.

Like all things in nature, the beginning is a fragile state. Weak and wobbly, with tender roots and shoots, growth and success aren’t guaranteed.

Think of the small businesses you’ve seen with great products or great services that are merely surviving. Many don’t get past the seedling stage.

Others, though, survive and thrive even in the harshest climates. Why is that?

Four Natural Steps to Surviving and Thriving

In order for a seedling to sprout, four things happen naturally and predictably.

These same elements are present for conscious women business owners when they begin having success and making money.

1. Make a Conscious Decision

The sun, the soil, the moon, and the cells come into a perfect point of alchemy. That seedling just can’t wait to burst forth!

The seedling’s innate wisdom as a living being decides that now is time.

The same is true for the soulful woman who wants to make more money and have a greater impact with her business.

She can’t wait.

It all just has to come together, and the time is now.

The feeling is like fire in her belly, the force of a wave of energy coming through her heart.

You might recognize these feelings, this “knowing.” They are unstoppable, demanding your attention. They must be recognized.

I feel these sensations in my belly, in my heart center, and behind my shoulders. This energy makes me want to reach to the sky and take off flying!

2. Make a Conscious Commitment

There is an internal promise made between Nature and the seedling. Nature imbues the seedling with all that it needs to grow into its fully formed self.

There’s also an external commitment to going forward with this decision to grow. The seedling pulls the water up from its roots, it soaks up the sun through its leaves. Its root system spreads, its trunk grows, and a crown of leaves and branches sprout.

They’ve signed themselves up energetically to grow to their next level of experience and existence.

Nature has made an internal promise to you as a woman business owner, too. You are imbued with all that is necessary to grow and thrive.

You make a commitment to grow.

You put in the hours to learn your craft. You develop your services. You tend to your finances and reach out to new markets.

3. Take Action

That seedling moves into action!

It bursts through external resistance and grows exponentially with the force of nature erupting from the seed. It unfurls into the next new phase of its life, purpose, and service.

Soulful women in business take action to shed old beliefs about themselves, about money, and about their limitations.

They discover new light shed on their potential. They move with the cycle of growth and blossom when taking action that supports their purpose.

4. Show Up and Shine

That seedling now is showing up like never before - waving leaves and petals of beautiful colors and beauty in the garden or field. Smiling and shouting to the world around them – here I am! Choose me!

Come to me and enjoy the gorgeousness, nourishment, healing, and freshness that I bring to you!

Soulful women entrepreneurs also show up and shine, for themselves, for their clients, for the world.

They share their voice, their face, and claim their space.

They tell people about their purpose and work. They proudly share what they have to offer that makes life better for others.

They share how they can nourish, heal, refresh, teach, coach, guide, give to others, and help.

Nature Shows Us How to Show Up and Shine

She shows us again and again how to show up decisively, actively, courageously, and unapologetically.

You’re in partnership with the same force that allows birds to fly, rivers to flow, and seedlings to sprout in the crack of the concrete.

Stop postponing your dream.
Stop waiting until after you have this, that, or the other thing all figured out.
Stop waiting for the next season.
This is your season to shine!

Ask yourself. Ask nature.

What is the easiest way?
What is the path of least resistance?
How can I move the energy now?
How can I take the first step, and the next and the next?


What is the easiest way to help people and get paid for it now?

Stop waiting till later.

Remember that anything that tries to sideline, dissuade, push off, discourage or half-life your dream is probably self-sabotage. Obstacles that come into your mind, path, life, or feelings aren’t coming from Nature. It’s your humanity getting in the way.

It’s not a sign to turn back, it’s not a sign from the Universe to stay small.

Source, God, Goddess, the Big U, whatever you name it never intended for you to say small, so cut that thinking out right now.

There is a part of you that simply knows that your time is NOW.

Show up.

P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

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