Four Ways to Stay the Course, Even When What You Desire Isn’t Showing Up in Real Life (Yet)

Oct 10, 2023


Sometimes it is really hard to stay up and stay positive, ESPECIALLY if you’ve been holding your vibe high for what seems like a loooong time, keeping your dreams in the front of your mind, as you’re waiting for them to manifest in the earth plane.  

You’re doing all the right things, you’re putting in the time and effort, and STILL, things aren’t showing up in the real world…yet.

Today I’m breaking down the best way to stay connected and in vibration with your desires, and ultimately create the outcomes you want in your life and business.  

Practicing these four mindset tips will help you bring your goals to fruition more quickly and more easily.

Four Powerful TIPS to Raise Your Vibration and Make Things Happen

Tip #1 - Connect with your heart and LIVE IN YOUR TRUTH - EVERY single DAY.    

The principles of life, natural law, money, prosperity, and co-creating with Universal energy are... true. And real. And very consistent.  

And they are available to you. 

Regardless of where you are in your life today, your specific business, your family history, your track record to date, etc., you have control over co-creating your life and bringing your desires home to your experience in the physical world.   

There will be some things to move through, like your circumstances, especially the ones that feel overwhelming or impossible or scary. 

They are not here to hold you back. Honestly, they are helping you make a choice. 

I did training in my group, Abundant Soulful Women Entrepreneurs on the Law of Grace which is all about learning why things are happening FOR you instead of TO you.   

Have you ever thought about difficulties like that? That tough experiences show up at the right time, in the right way, to bless you? It’s a game changer.  

Being a human, we often extrapolate our thoughts, for the better or worse, to make anything seem true, even when it makes us feel awful.   

Unfortunately, we often then create it in our lives to validate our beliefs. 

We’ve been taught by our families and our history, probably by people who were “intending to be helpful,” that dreams get shattered, so you’d better not dream too big because it probably isn’t possible for you. Those big dreams are for the “lucky few."

That my dear is bullsh*t, or rather magic dust from the wrong fairy.  

You can have what you desire. As long as it isn’t hurting anyone else, or hurting you, you can have what you desire.  

When you start feeling scared or doubtful, that is the time to hold fast to your desire and ASK YOURSELF: 

  • What do I want to be true for myself?   
  • What do I give myself permission to desire?   
  • Are my current fears, doubts, and limiting ideas about my life the ultimate truth and best for me? Or were they put into my head by well-meaning people who had their own big-time limitations?  
  • When you are feeling scared or worried or like the gratitude fairies have forgotten you, ask: What is the best case scenario that can possibly play out here? 

Then, link into that vision.  

I love this process. It immediately takes you to the best case scenario and out of the worst.  

TIP #2: Let all things pass…because they do anyway. Really.   

Experiences, whether good or bad, comfortable or uncomfortable, are just like seasons, and days, and phases, and moods…they pass.  

They can be difficult transitions for many of us. And because they don’t feel good, we worry that this is how it’s going to be…forever.

But Nature shows us again and again that the natural and logical system that sustains life is cyclical, not permanent.

All of nature… animals, plants, weather patterns, stages, THEY ALL PASS BY.   

The lesson here is do not over-focus, perpetuate, get stuck in, and intensify what it means to be in a season of your life, a season of your business, or a stupid slow slump waiting for great things to come to life. 

Over identifying with a phase, or season, or situation can extend it, expand it, and give it the energy to keep on going. 

When you recognize that something you are going through is not who you are, not what you want, simply ask yourself: 

➤What am I believing and expecting that is a match for this? 

➤What am I doing to perpetuate this scenario?

➤How am I creating the space for this, allowing it to show up in my life ? 

We have so much power over our lives. Everything is happening in co-creation with us and for us. 

Let’s choose and stay in alignment with our power. 

What does staying in your power and choosing your power look like?  

Visualize it.  

Write about it.  

It will change your season and situation.  

Tip #3:  Raise your most frequent vibration. 

We are alive, and life changes. Vibrations change. Nobody feels amazing all the time. 

Changes in your thoughts and emotions are natural and always on the horizon. We have to adapt to the change that is coming.  

Part of the process is to continually recognize and adjust our vibration, our thoughts and feelings, about what we believe about our own potential and who we are as beings extending from Source itself.

It’s a continuous choice about how we show up in our inner worlds and in the outer world, especially as we go through hard things.

And just like life, nature, seasons, and cycles, we can release all the layers and let go of what we no longer want in our most frequent and consistent vibration.

We can think new thoughts. 

We can feel new feelings. 

We can forgive ourselves. 

We can forgive others. 

We can choose to look at and feel situations through a new, more clear, and fresh lens.

Everything is possible. 

Your desires and ideas have come to you because that is the Universe/God is whispering in your ear.  
What you want is available for you!!! 

Ask yourself: 

  • What do I want? 
  • What do I really, truly, want? 
  • What else do I want? 


Staying in the place of knowing it’s never over, it’s never too late, it’s still all possible, opens you up to new phases and outcomes. 

There is no scarcity.  

There is only never ending space, time, and resources to support your greatest desires (and even the little ones too).  

Even when it seems like you’re stuck, out of luck, stranded, out of choices and not even close to living your dreams,the possibility and potential is there.  

Choose to see it. Choose to feel it. Write about this in your journal.    

Tip #4: Visualize your greatest desires in your heart, your mind, and your soul and every cell of your being.    

This is perfect for all of you who love connecting with animals and nature and like to FEEL things and TELEPATHICALLY connect with your visions and desires.  

Feel as though they are here and happening now.   


Take it with you in your breath and feel yourself energetically rise up into a vibration of faith and belief that what you desire is yours… truly yours… and move on into your day with that energy.   

Never ever let it go.   

Feel it lifting you and stay connected gently, like an eagle raising you up with your finger lightly around its curved talon.  

Or connect with it as if you’re telepathically riding on the back of a horse, galloping across the meadow, effortlessly staying on her back, in flow with her movement. 

That’s how close and real our connection is with our desires.   

If you’re a water person, feel yourself riding on the back of a dolphin, leaping through the waves without fear of falling off,  just elevated and in flow. 

Let your connection with your desires feel that way.

Effortless, easy, real, part of you.     

This is trust. You can do this.  

PS ~ I did a live training on this that you can watch HERE on my YouTube Channel.  xxoo

P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

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