Bliss Isn’t Something You Work For, It’s Something You Follow

Aug 01, 2023
How to follow your bliss, lessons from an ant

Living this beautiful, amazing, challenging, awe-inspiring, sometimes devastating, always unpredictable life teaches us so many lessons.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my time on this planet is this:

Bliss isn’t something you work for, it's something you follow.  

This gem of a life lesson is something that lifts me up every day.

Aren’t we lucky? 

You’re doing work you love to do, work that makes huge differences in people’s lives – their joy, their wellness, their happiness, their wealth, their abundance, their relationships – everything. 

Having our own heart centered business that we’re in love with means we get to follow our bliss every day!   

But even though we love the work we do, sometimes it can feel like work. 

And sometimes we make it more work than it has to be.  

Our brains like to hold on to the false beliefs we’ve picked up from our parents, our past experiences, or in the ether of society.

Do you sometimes think these thoughts?

  • Having your own business is hard or at least a lot of work.
  • It’s hard to work for yourself.
  • It’s hard to make enough money, let alone a lot of money.  
  • It’s hard to have enough clients. 
  • It’s hard to be successful.    

Our brains like to hold onto these beliefs. We find ourselves holding onto ideas and perceptions that don’t serve us, throwing boulders onto our path for us to struggle with, sometimes blocking our path entirely and keeping us stuck where we are.

These are simply mindsets, perceptions.   

But the old adage “you don’t know what you don’t know” is true. 

We can absorb these false beliefs and incorporate them into our minds without even knowing… until someone brings them to our attention.

That’s what I’m going to do for you right now.

If you resonate with those thoughts, ask yourself if they’re necessarily true. 

Take a step back and gently reflect on where these ideas came from. Do this without blame or judgment. After all, someone may have unwittingly passed these false beliefs onto the person that passed them to you.

Did they come from your parents? Your upbringing? A past experience?

Are they yours…or someone else’s?

Are they beliefs you must hold onto today? 

Do they serve your greater good and help you fulfill your purpose?

These are not beliefs that I align with…heck, I don’t believe any of them one little bit!

But there was a point when I did believe these things. 

It’s not like I walked around saying them to myself. It was much more subtle than that. 

Like a wool sweater someone handed me a long time ago, I put it on. And even though it was scratchy and uncomfortable, I was used to it. I never took it off. 


…I began exploring animal communication.

If you know me at all, you know I bring everything back to the wonderful model that animals, nature, and the Universe provide for us.   

Answers and insight about nearly every struggle we face as humans can be found in what nature, animals, and the Universe model for us.  

In one of my very first experiences telepathically connecting with an animal was with a groundhog. I asked her what she loved. I asked her what bliss meant for her.   

She showed me walking through the grass, eating a blade here and a blade there, choosing what blade she looked forward to most and why.   

She showed me feeling the sun on her back and being able to rest easily and peacefully in the safety of her den.   

She showed me that bliss was being, knowing, and feeling that her experience on Earth was purposeful and complete in every moment.   

At that moment, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.   

I wanted to follow bliss. I wanted to live every day knowing, being, and feeling that I was purposeful, complete, and fulfilled. I knew I wanted to create my own business.

And so I did. I started my animal communication business.  

That led me to my work being a coach and a mentor for other spiritual, intuitive practitioners.   

I decided to follow my bliss.   

I get to feel the sun on my back and choose the grass I want to take up, my clients. I love my clients. They are amazing. They are just right for me.  

They remind me that I am on my path and that I create good things in the world. 

I get to rest easily and peacefully at the end of my day knowing that I have a system that helps other people. 

I have created safety for myself and my family in having this business. 

I’ve made it happen by following bliss and letting bliss be my work.

That telepathic conversation with an animal showed me that:

  • Having my own business doesn’t have to be hard.
  • It isn’t hard to work for myself.
  • It’s easy to make money…a lot of money.  
  • It’s easy to have enough clients. 
  • It’s easy to be successful.   

Does that mean I live in Blissland, where there are never any problems, where life is smooth and things always go my way?

Of course not! 

I am a single mother of three teenagers, one horse, a dog, three cats, and one wily rabbit.  As you can imagine, I deal with all kinds of problems every day!

But every day is also spent following my bliss. 

That has allowed me to challenge those false beliefs I once held and to allow my brain to see those thoughts for what they are: 

My brain firing old synaptic pathways, not revealing TRUTHS.

Being an animal communicator means I can tap into Nature’s wisdom whenever I need a little extra support. What’s beautiful is that it can come from places most people wouldn’t think had much wisdom to share at all.

For example, I had another conversation with a tiny ant one day, crawling on a clover flower in the middle of the horse pasture. 

I asked the sweet little guy what I needed to know in order to make my business real, powerful, successful, and to help more and more people.   

He said to me, 

🟆Work smartly, not tirelessly.  

🟆Don’t do things you were not meant to do.   

🟆Trust your strongest skills and use those over and over again.  

🟆Leave the heavy lifting to those who are built for heavy lifting.  

🟆Surround yourself with others who are like you, that way you’ll all enjoy the connections and work easily together.   

🟆Create a system that allows you to follow it every time, so you aren’t wandering out in the      grass by yourself.  

🟆Have a simple plan that creates the beginning of an amazing nest that can support many.   

🟆Don’t stray far from your source.

🟆Keep what you know to be true always as your North, like we do with water.  We always know where the water is.   

🟆Allow yourself lots of rest so you’ll have all you need to show up and be full of energy for anything that comes your way. (We ants never lose our way. We may get scattered when our establishments get moved by other animals, but we always take care of the ones in our care and know how to reconvene and get back to home and make things harmonious again.)

When you think about how ants work and live, this makes perfect sense! 

Of course ants have wisdom to share about work!

This is bliss.   

Being an ant is bliss. 

Living on purpose is bliss.  

Knowing your path is bliss.  

Loving your work is bliss.  

Follow yours:

➤Reconnect with Nature, Animals, and the Universe: Nature holds profound wisdom, and by observing its intricate systems and the behaviors of animals, we can gain incredible insights. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the natural world, allowing its lessons to guide you. Just as I discovered through my connection with a groundhog and an ant, nature can illuminate the path towards purpose, simplicity, collaboration, and rest.

➤Embrace Your Unique Signature System: A rinse-and-repeat system allows you to create repeated success for both yourself and your clients.Your Signature System allows you to embody your expertise and guide your clients towards transformative results. Your system brings consistency and fulfillment to your work while nurturing the growth of your business.

➤Align Your Pricing with Your Worth: Embrace the knowledge that your work has the power to make a profound impact and set your pricing accordingly. Remember, by valuing yourself, you attract clients who appreciate and respect your worth.

➤Cultivate a Soul-Aligned Tribe: Surround yourself with like-minded people who resonate with your energy, vision, and desires. Your clients will become a part of your tribe, your colony, your herd. These soul-aligned connections foster a supportive network and enhance the joy and fulfillment you experience in your business.

➤Embody Authenticity: Allow your true essence, spirit, and personality to shine through in every aspect of your business. Embrace your uniqueness – it is your most powerful asset! When you authentically express yourself, your message becomes more magnetic, attracting those who align with your values and offerings.

Challenge your false beliefs. Follow your bliss.

And remember that you possess the power to create a joyful business that is purposeful, abundant, and fulfilling, and I’m here to help you make it so!

P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

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