Clear Your Money Clutter & Raise Your Vibration in Seven Steps

Jul 30, 2021

I know a few people that are uber-organized, clutter repellers. If you were to open any drawer in the house, you’d find things neat and organized.

But even these people can have clutter in a place they least expect it, their relationship with money.

Just like clearing the clutter from your kitchen junk drawer, clearing your money clutter leaves you with a delightful feeling of calm and organization. But it can do much more than that.

Today, I’ll show you how to freshen up your “money story'' by in a process I’ve designed for you called Clearing Money Clutter.  

Money is energy, it is all around you. Money is not the bills and coins in your wallet, or the balance in your bank accounts or retirement savings, or what you’ve invested in the stock market. Money is energy - pure, beautiful, free flowing energy - and is attracted to people, places, situations, and energetic spaces that are in like vibration:









and respectful.   

Yes, you literally can attract or repel money depending on your own energy and vibration. 

How we treat money in our lives influences how and when money comes to us and what it does for us. 

Sometimes you can start to feel that money is hard to come by, that it’s elusive and doesn’t show up for you, or that you have a love-hate relationship with money. You can learn more about your personal and intimate relationship with money by taking my Sacred Money Archetypes Quiz HERE.    

For now, I’m going to give you a beautiful practice that you can use to get in sync with the energy of money in your life, clear the way for more to flow to you, and support you in your life and business.  

I’m sure you know the fresh, free feeling of clearing clutter in your life - clean out your sock drawer and suddenly everything seems easier to complete; clean out your car and you suddenly your 2012 Dodge Journey feels like a 2021 Mercedes GLS…well, almost.   

You can elevate and improve your life by decluttering closets, clothing, furniture, relationships, time, and thoughts, so why not money!?

Cleaning and clearing up your money clutter has the same effect, but often even more magical! 

Money Clutter creates a bottleneck in the flow of abundance coming to you and it repels money from coming to you. Money Clutter can be lurking around unnoticed, but in reality, it is an energetic boulder hanging around in your life, your purse, your desk, your bank accounts, your business, your body, and your aura.   

So just like decluttering your home or your emotional life, you can declutter your money. Here are a few areas to start with:

#1 Clear up all your bills - Create a folder for bills to be paid and one for bills already paid.    You can do this with a paper folder if you’re that kinda gal, or you can create these folders in your email program if you are a paperless gal. Gather up all the paper bills that might be on your desk, counter, or in your inbox, and put them in the folders.

I suggest creating one of my favorite email folders for things like receipts. I labeled mine “Money Loves Me and Takes Excellent Care of Me.” I put all my receipts in there. This is a lovely way to show appreciation for all that money does for you when you pay for things you want and need.  

#2 Schedule your personal and business bill payments - Set a time weekly to have a money date with yourself to pay bills for your business and personal life. Make it a consistent time on your calendar and start to look at this as a special time for you and money to make decisions and take action together. The power of this intention is amazing.  

When you befriend money as your ally-in-abundance and approach paying for receiving what you want and need with gratitude, you can do wonderful things together. 

#3 Clear the slate with money owed to you - Make a list of every person or company who owes you money in your business and personal life. Write out their names and the amount of money they owe you. Sometimes we sweep these outstanding monies under the rug and write it off as money lost.

You and your friend Money deserve to have a conversation with these people and organizations about getting paid! 

You deserve to be paid.  

You should expect to be paid. 

Even if you ultimately make the decision to let that payment go, you can feel good about knowing you are clearing out that energetic debris.

Next, take action by contacting each debtor and inquire as to when they will be paying you.  

If you need support on having empowered money conversations, let me know as I am happy to support you.  

#4 Use those gift cards! - This is available money!  Welcome it, feel gratitude for it, and by all means, USE IT. Nothing comes from stockpiling gift cards and gift certificates except stagnation, an underlying feeling of lack, and bumping into expiration dates. Make it a fun, special treat to go for dinner, shopping, or pedicures for yourself and your family. Allow yourself to feel wealthy and fortunate as you use these gifts of opportunity.

#5 Wrangle all the loose money in your space - Go through your purses, pockets, drawers, car seats, couch, and if you’re like me, the filter in your dryer - and gather all the loose change and bills. Take the change and cash it in for bigger bills. Take the bills and decide on something intentional to spend it on. You can put it toward something fun, toward debt, toward dinner, but be intentional about it. Money loves attention, so by looking for it in places it has been hiding or waiting to be seen you are giving it love and attention. Then go use it with gratitude! 

#6 Lighten your purse -  Clean out your purse and put back only the things that you need.  Carrying around extra stuff is energetic and physical clutter that will weigh you down every time you pick up your purse. Travel lightly.  

#7 Clean out your wallet -  Take out your wallet and look at it. How does it make you feel?  Does it feel overstuffed, empty, sad, happy, excited, confident, whimsical, or smart? Notice the first feeling you get. Now, take everything out of your wallet. Go through all of its contents. Throw away the cluttery stuff you don’t need and file the things you might have to hold on to, like receipts, etc. 

Be really diligent and honest - toss it if it isn’t required for health insurance, taxes or paying for something.  

Now that your wallet is empty, clear the energy of your wallet and freshen it up by spraying the empty wallet with your favorite essential oils or smudging it with sage. If your wallet still feels blah or looks worn or doesn't light you up about having a happy relationship with money, replace it with a new one that brings you feelings of joy and empowerment in relationship with money. 

Once you’ve cleared your money clutter, sit back and take in those fresh, accomplished, good feelings. Who knows? You may just have created enough space to actually turn your 2012 Dodge Journey into a 2021 Mercedes GLS, for real!

P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

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