Clear Your Money Clutter With Help From Mother Nature

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I live and work from a place of connection with nature and animals. I use their wisdom to support everything I do in my life and business and what I do with my clients.

In doing so, I add some magic from the natural elements in doing money work and money clutter clearing - which increases the power of the process and makes my connection with animals and nature tangible and in alignment with Universal Law. 

Here are some tips you can use to bring the energy of Nature Elements of water, earth, air, and fire into your process to help you transform the energy quickly and get into the flow of prosperity and abundance as you clear things out.    

Incorporate the Element of Water in Your Money Clutter Clearing Practice  

Water characterizes change and represents the liquid state. Water is necessary for the survival of all things - it replenishes, cleanses, hydrates, and fills our cells. We are water, animals are water. Our blood, lymph and other fluids move between our cells bringing energy, carrying away what we no longer need and regulating temperature. Water can make things clean, clear, and refreshed. Bring the element of water into your money clutter clearing practice by: 

  • Drinking fresh water while you work
  • Have a fountain or fish tank near your desk or workspace while you are clearing
  • Have a spray bottle filled with water and essential oils to spray inside your empty purse or organized drawers or cleaned out pockets as you are clearing  

Incorporate the Element of Earth in Your Money Clutter Clearing Practice

The Earth element represents the solid state of matter. It manifests stability, permanence, and strength. In our bodies, the parts such as bones, teeth, cells, and tissue are manifestations of the Earth. This element reinforces grounding, safety, nourishment, abundance, life, trust - aren’t those all things that are amazing qualities to have around money in your life? 

Bring the element of Earth into your money clutter clearing practice by: 

  • Feeling your feet solidly on the ground and setting an intention for your money clutter clearing practice
  • I love turning on recordings of nature sounds. The voices of song birds are my particular favorites because they are so light and joyful in their vibration.  
  • Choose crystals or gemstones to bring specific energy to your process such as Selenite, which is an excellent choice to clear and shift energy. You can use Selenite to clear your aura, purify your physical space, unblock the energy of money in your life, or clear the energy of your purse, your wallet, your offers, or your client folders. It's a great tool for manifesting and raising your vibration - and raising your vibration to match that high and vibrant resonance of money. This is a super power crystal to make a shift if you are not feeling as abundant as you would like.  
  • Keep a crystal at your desk and one with your crystal collection, and carry one with you to remind you to elevate your vibration and welcome abundance wherever you go. 

Incorporate the Element of Air in Your Money Clutter Clearing Practice

Air is the form of matter which is mobile and dynamic. Within all living things, air is the basis for all energy transfer reactions. It is a key element for fire to burn and for life to exist. We are all dependent on pure air. Air is existence without form. I love this element with relation to money because money really doesn’t have any form - it just is. We have created physical representations of money, but money actually has the freedom and dynamic movement abilities like air. Bringing this element into your money practices adds flow and ease to your relationship with money.  

Bring the element of Air into your money clutter clearing practice by: 

  • Simply opening the windows with the intention of allowing movement, clearing and easing the flow with money.  
  • Turning on a fan in the space you are in to physically and symbolically blow away any old and lingering money habits, stagnant files or accounts, limiting money beliefs, or bad juju that you might have been holding onto about money.  

Incorporate the Element of Fire in Your Money Clutter Clearing Practice

Fire is a powerful element with the ability to transform what can be seen into something unseen, right before our eyes. Fire can change the state of any substance. Within our bodies, the fire energy binds atoms and molecules together, converts food to muscle, fat, and energy. Fire creates the impulses of nervous reactions, our feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas. Fire is the spark of life. Bringing the element of fire into your money practices can be empowering, transformational, and magical and has amazing potential as a catalyst for great change.   

Bring the element of fire into your money clearing practices by: 

  • Lighting a candle with an uplifting intention as you start your money clutter clearing practice 
  • Literally burning old invoices, receipts, and paperwork you no longer need
  • Burning old business materials like old business cards, projects that are unfinished, or paper clutter that is clogging up your desk or shelves 
  • Burning those old client folders! Make room for new soul-mate clients who are coming your way!   

Burning brings both a symbolic transformation and a physical change - a powerful element to incorporate! 

Allow the energy of the elements to carry you through your money clutter clearing practice with balance, ease, flow, excitement, stability, power, and a natural harmonious connection with money.  


P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

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