Create a Positive Relationship with Money

Dec 06, 2022

Money is a part of everything we do. It influences our decision making, our emotions, our lifestyle, our purpose, our desires, our creativity, what we eat, wear, and how we feel internally. It is an integral part of everything we are and what we do.

I’m willing to bet that you take emotions about money to bed with you at night. They can be troubling emotions that keep you awake or positive emotions may support you in sleeping soundly, restfully, and peacefully.

You might take money thoughts and emotions with you as you go about your day, on your drive to the barn, when you begin working with a client, or to your son or daughter’s school basketball game.

Emotions Create Your Relationship With Money

The emotions a woman carries about money impact everything – both in her business and her life:

  • What she thinks about.
  • What she tells herself.
  • What she invests in.
  • What she doesn’t invest in.
  • What she buys for her family.
  • What she buys for herself.
  • Her pricing in her business.
  • Who she works with.
  • Who she doesn't work with.
  • The food she buys or doesn’t buy.
  • How she gets paid.
  • How much she gets paid.
  • How frequently she signs on new clients.
  • How she grows her audience and community.
  • What she offers to her clients.
  • How profitable she allows her business to be.
  • How she feels about herself inside and out

When she understands her unique “money personality'' and works WITH it, rather than trying to fit into a mold that someone else made up, she unlocks the flow of abundance in her life with money.

Women are different from men. Women feel things on a very deep level. We tend to talk about what we feel, at least a little bit, with other women who understand and don’t judge.

Our history with money starts not just when we were young, but even before that with our ancestors and their collective consciousness, beliefs, and identity with and about money.

For ages in our world, men and male energy have been the dominant and defining forces about money, success, business, financial climate, and culture. This is neither good nor bad – money never is good nor bad – but because the energy has been so dominantly masculine it can be challenging for women to align with the energy of money.

We are blazing a new path here as women empowered with money. We are seeking to create a whole, aligned, beautiful relationship with money. It can change the world!

All this money stuff brings up lots of self judgment. It may not feel safe to talk about money emotions with others who might not “get it” or who have their own money shizzle and aren’t open to this new paradigm in relationship with money. There are people in my life, close to me, who I cannot talk about this with. But there are some – like you – who are ready to dive in deep!

If you’re in this camp, you know that you can feel money. You can be empowered to take up the truth about having a 360 degree relationship with it.

Just like other energetic beings, money is there to relate with and we can have conversations, interactions, create deeper understanding, and send and receive impressions, guidance, and messages that can influence our relationship with each other in positive ways!

Trying to be “better with” money or follow money rules is NOT where the freedom lies. It’s not a woman’s way to follow the rules defined by some man or a belief system that is based on shame, sacrifice, and scarcity.

I’m not talking about creating a budget and cutting corners to make life fit into it. That never feels good. That only creates feelings of being disempowered, diminished, and not good enough.

Transform Your Relationship With Money

When a woman gets clear about her own unique money personality, strengths, challenges, and sacred soul-bond with money, the outcome is that she can:

  • break through her money blocks,
  • dissolve her income ceiling,
  • and start owning her worth in the world in a bright and brilliant way.

Your offerings to the world – your business and how you help others – become super powerful and create a greater impact than ever before!

Wouldn’t you want to get clear on your own money “ick” that is keeping you from helping more people and creating a circular flow of abundance and a healthy relationship with money?

Hell yeah!

This is why I love working with women like you, and why I created my Money Freedom Program and my Soulful Abundance Business Coaching Program. I love coaching women entrepreneurs on money and creating an abundance aligned businesses they are in love with.

There is no such thing as being perfect with money.

No one is perfect with money. I certainly AM NOT! And neither are the uber successful people you see around you. It’s impossible. There is always a yin and a yang.

Balance is a must, but it’s sometimes hard to achieve and maintain. Why? Because money isn’t really an object, it is value and energy. How we do money is how we do everything, so if our tendencies tend to swing in one direction or another, our tendencies with money tend to swing also, and the relationship gets out of balance.

You need to know that you can rewrite your money story. You can own your power in your life and your business.

You can discover and lean on your strengths with money, and be supported by your unique soul contract with money which gives you permission to achieve your money goals on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and lifetime basis.

You get to break free from other people’s beliefs about money that continue to influence you in a not-so-helpful way.

This is internal money work. This is soul level money work.
This is life changing money work.
It’s sacred.

Step up.
Step up for yourself, and own your path with money.
It can be gorgeous and easy and abundant – and it can feel really really good.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • How do I feel about money?
  • Are there patterns with money that repeat for me in my life?
  • What is my strongest feeling about money?\
  • If I have one gift or strength about money, what is it?
  • What am I resisting in my relationship with money?
  • What am I ready to say yes to in my relationship with money?

Journal on these questions. Meditate on them. Do a super quick “first thought best thought” writing task on a sheet of paper.

There is wisdom in your answers.
There is wealth in your understanding.
There is freedom in the discovery.

It’s what the Universe has designed for you – ease, simplicity and abundance. You aren’t supposed to struggle. It’s way easier than you think.

To explore what is possible for you with money based on your special, unique, and heart-to-heart relationship with money, join my Money Freedom Program.

You’ll discover your money personality and the strengths you possess that you didn’t even know existed. You’ll learn where your weaknesses lie and how to avoid them. And you’ll learn to create a new relationship with money, one that supports, uplifts, and enriches your life.

P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

When you’re ready, here are four ways I can help you...

  1. Join me in my free Facebook community and let me know what freedom looks like for you in your life and business
  2. Pick a time to talk with me 1:1 about your vision, your work, and what you want in life and business
  3. Work with me in my money mindset and abundant business coaching program. Just reply to this email with the words "Naturally Prosperous" and let’s chat about how to bring more money and freedom into your life and business 
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