Create Beautiful Growth and Prosperity With a Spiritually Aligned Business

Jun 29, 2022

Is it possible to work in a field you love, doing things you believe in, yet feel out of alignment with your beliefs and values?

The short answer is YES. It happened to me.

And I can tell you that being out of alignment with your spirit and your purpose works against everything you’re trying to accomplish.

I’m going to help you discover for yourself what it means to have a spiritually aligned, purpose driven business so that you can fulfill your soul’s calling and open the floodgates to the prosperity it will bring.

Is your work in alignment with your beliefs and values?

And how do you know?

Let me tell you my story.

I worked as a speech and language pathologist for many years. I was doing important work empowering children to communicate with others.

I helped children unlock their ability to talk, sing, and express themselves. It was magical and powerful!


…I was frustrated with the damaged and failing health care system in our country. I was not aligned with the politics and economics of working in healthcare. I wasn’t able to help children to the level that was possible if money and insurance restrictions weren’t involved. I wasn’t able to use my skills to support my patients to the best of my ability.

This way of working didn’t feel good in my heart and wasn’t aligned with my beliefs.

I left the profession to create a purpose-driven business that was aligned with my spirit, beliefs, and values.

Creating a Purpose-Driven, Spiritually Aligned Business

Sometimes women get caught in a web of confusion about whether a business can be both spiritually aligned and prosperous.

We wrestle with questions like:

  • What is a fair price to charge for something that comes easily to me?
  • How much success is too much success?
  • Why does it feel icky to market my services?
  • I am a giver. How can I feel good about receiving?

All of these tangles in the web are related to money blocks and being out of alignment with your natural gifts, growth, and prosperity potential.

Your soul has a calling. If you ask yourself and listen for the answer, you’ll discover which people, places, experiences, and things you should be moving toward so that you can continue your own personal evolution and increase your consciousness.

In my work as a money and business coach, I help you energetically align your business with the spiritual consciousness of your soul’s purpose. I ensure your offerings, services, pricing, and messaging work in concert with that purpose. We attune your mindset and vibration to the energy of money.

And we help you create a consciousness that is open to receive.

When your heart and mind are open, you’ll organically attract clients who are in alignment with your beliefs and values, who genuinely want and need your services.

“But what if nobody wants what I’m offering?”

“What if nobody wants to pay for it? What if no one will pay my price?” I know from experience that you’re probably asking these questions.

I am here to tell you that this is not about other people, or their wallets, or their ability to pay for what you offer.

It’s not about your offering being good or enough.

You ask these questions because deep down, you’re blocking your ability to receive.

The Law of Receiving is a Universal Law. When you learn how to awaken to your potential to receive, the floodgates of clients, money, time, freedom, opportunities, are going to open. This is a promise.

Ask and ye shall receive…maybe.

We can actually block our ability to receive!

These blocks can be energetic or physical. They can even be people.

Something magical happens when you remove those blocks.

You create space. The Universe will fill that space with exactly what you are asking for and what you are ready to receive – everything you need to create a spiritually aligned business.

When you are vibrationally aligned with receiving, it happens naturally. Nothing will stop the flow. It’s Universal Law.

Tap into all your energies to receive the good the Universe has to offer!

The Law of Gender states that everything has both masculine and feminine energies, including your business.

This has nothing to do with your business brand or your own gender identity.

It’s about assessing the energetic qualities of yourself as the leader of your business.

There is the yin and yang to your business and your role in it. As women we can get very comfortable in the yin energy as we lean into our soft, feminine, inward, gentle, and reflective energy. It’s easy for us to avoid the action steps that are required to share, tell, and receive.

By avoiding the yang energy, you will bump into flow problems with money, clients, and opportunities. The energy will get blocked. You need to embrace the action-taking energy that creates clients and cash flow.

Accessing both the masculine and feminine energies in your business will help you know when to give, when to receive, how to serve, when to launch, when to guide, and when to observe, you have a spiritually aligned business.

This cycle creates FLOW, allowing you to operate with a vibration that supports the highest vision you have for yourself.

When you create a business that is in complete alignment with your beliefs and connected to nature, you can’t help but be supported by the multiverse, in flow with the Universal Laws!

And that support shows up in your business in the most amazing ways!

1. In your offers – Your offers include the things you do so well and naturally in a way that matches your highest vision for others and yourself.

I have been asking questions all my life. Curiosity should have been my middle name! I ask questions and want to get to the heart of the matter in every conversation I have. Sometimes I have to hold myself back. It’s no surprise that I am serving at my highest, asking questions that illuminate the highest potential in others.

2. In your relationship with money – working for your highest good and spiritually aligned with your highest version of yourself.

Money is pure, clear, exact energy. It loves speed, movement and helping.

Money is amazing!

But because our world has put so many stigmas and projections onto money, we have taken on negative beliefs about it.

If you had a relationship with money that was of the highest good, and spiritually aligned with your highest version of yourself,

  • How would you feel about money? Fearful, resentful, loving, or kind?
  • How would you talk to money? Angrily, frustratedly, barely talk at all, carelessly, with love and gratitude?
  • How would you talk about money? Like it was a friend or foe? Would you gossip about money? Would you speak about how wonderful money is to you and its purpose in your life?
  • Do you have an easy, available, visible way for money to come to you? Do you have a “buy here” button or an “order here” page?
  • Do you make it hard for money to come your way by not posting road signs or putting boulders and detours in place?

3. In your business ecosystem – You put systems in place to support a healthy, vital, vibrant, and growing business.

  • Do you have money coming in, resembling the water that nourishes the plants and animals, or is your ecosystem dry and desert-like?
  • Do you have more products than clients, like an ecosystem being overrun by plant life without enough herbivores to eat it up?
  • Do you have lots of trees but no fruit - like having tons of potential and ideas but not making them available to those who are just longing to get them?

If you are spending 8 hours of your day in your business but are not yet receiving the clients, opportunities, money, and outcomes that you desire, you need to know that there is a different way.

You can create a business from an energetic, spiritually aligned perspective.

And when you learn how to play in business this way, every single thing changes.

It’s not doing business like men may do it or like a capitalist society is used to.

This is business done differently and it will work for you.

You can have a life that is fulfilling, with a business that works around your life rather than your life working around your business.

Take the next step in creating a business that fills your cup and fuels your lifestyle!

Learn all the ways you can allow Natural Laws to guide you to a spiritually aligned, purpose driven business in the Nature’s Wisdom Money & Business Breakthrough Course which will be coming out soon.

Fulfill your soul’s calling and open the floodgates to the prosperity it will bring!

P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

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