Feminizing Your Morning Routine

Aug 04, 2023

I thought that a morning routine had to be this THING. 

A whole big THING that meant I was starting over or conquering something that I had never done before. You know, setting myself up for the OPTIMAL DAY. 

Every single morning.   

I had this idea that my morning routine should be a concrete thing, a pivotal moment in my day, and that there was an element of “this is going to hurt” to it.   

Wrong. So wrong.   

Over time I have settled into a knowing and soft understanding of what a morning routine is for me, what it does for me, and how it serves me in amazing and incredibly powerful ways. 

Ways that I could never receive if I had to run uphill 5 miles to get it.  

Why do a morning routine?

The purpose of my morning routine is: 

➤To connect with spirit.

➤To connect with Source.

➤To connect with myself.  

For me, those three things actually are all ONE.   

I call my morning routine my spiritual routine, its purpose to help me feel connected to something greater than myself in the moment.  

That connection forces attunement, meaning in like vibration to spirit, source, self, God, Universe, All That Is.   

When you are in tune/attuned with spirit, source, and self, you are a conduit for the formless energy that moves to and through us, and creates everything - every idea, inspiration, action, result.    

You can draw it in and through you, and you can create your desires from it.   

This is being INSPIRED – or IN-SPIRIT. Same root word. Same root meaning.  

When you are in an inspired mode and connected with source, spirit, and self, you are easily intuitively guided and will naturally have opportunities and experiences come your way that are good and right for you and your highest outcomes.   

This is why keeping your goals top of mind is important. 

Whatever goal is important to you, in business or in life, when you are in constant awareness of it, you are vibrating with it. 

That’s when the magic happens! The formless substance (Universal Energy, spirit) will come to you with people, places, opportunities, and ideas that bring the reality of that goal closer to you.  

In my morning routine, I do a combination of meditation, reading, writing, and movement.

Every day.   

I don’t always do all 4 of those things, sometimes I’m inspired to change it up, but I always do something that creates that connection.  

A morning routine should feel good, foster gratitude, and bring the feeling of oneness with source or spirit.   

And if on any given morning what your morning routine has been no longer feels inspiring or good or right, then you should absolutely change it!  

See, I was under the impression that I had to tough it out and just do it, kind of like a workout.   

Spirit doesn’t work that way. Inspiration doesn’t work that way. 

On the flip side, if you enjoy running uphill for 50 minutes or meditating for 30 minutes, then that’s what’s good for YOU.  

Your morning spiritual routine is YOURS. Create a routine that feels really really good and when you are inspired, change it!   

Let yourself be totally self aware and self guided.  

Don’t fall into the “perfection trap”!

So many women get stuck in the not-good-enough feelings right off the bat with their morning routine because…

➤It isn’t perfect.

➤They aren’t perfect.

➤It isn’t what so-and-so does.

➤It doesn’t include mind, body, spirit.

➤It isn’t challenging.

➤The way they have been doing it doesn’t feel good.

Give yourself permission to do what you feel called to do in your morning routine or ritual and let all this hooey go.

You be you!  

All day long, especially in those precious early moments of greeting a new day and calibrating to your highest self and vibration, do what feels right to YOU.  

Success comes from the inside out.   

If you’re reading this, you are probably looking to create or to hone your morning routine.   

This tells me you are looking for substance, sustenance, clarity, or a way to embody your inspirations, dreams and desires.  

All great reasons to have a morning routine you love.  It will give you fulfillment in those areas.  

What can a morning routine look like for you?   

Your morning routine might be filled with:

  • gratitude, 
  • yoga,
  • writing, 
  • journaling, 
  • coffee, 
  • nature, 
  • walking, 
  • prayer, 
  • intentions, 
  • or reading inspirational chapters. 

For me, it can be any of these on any given day, it just depends on what feels inspiring.   

But it is definitely something.   

The power comes from the practice of doing something to be and feel connected with spirit, source, and self.  

It is important to develop your morning routine based on your needs. 

What do you want from it? What is the outcome you desire from that routine?  

Your morning routine sets the tone or setpoint for your vibration of attraction.  

You want to be vibrating highly and at the speed of love.   

You can’t do that if you’ve got a list of things on your morning routine that feel like tackling an offensive lineman from the Buffalo Bills every morning. It should feel good!  

Two years ago I made a decision to do yoga every day of every year going forward. And I have done it!   

I feel so much satisfaction and accomplishment in just sticking to that goal, let alone the amazing outcomes I have had as a result of getting on the mat every single day.   

Yoga gives me movement. I feel strong. I am still and connected with my breath and soul. I feel spirit within my being.  

Yoga stretches my body, my limits, my mind, my understanding, my strength, my ability to be silent, present, and still.   

I absolutely love it. Every single day.  

Intuitive guidance comes during my morning practice.   It comes when we are connected, inspired and in like vibration with God-energy (Universe, Source, whatever you like to call that power.)  

Not everything in every day is amazing, but having a morning routine helps you to focus on the amazing rather than the frustration or conflicts.   

A routine can be helpful and reinforcing for all the things you want to be, do, and have in your life.  

When should you change your morning routine?

If your morning routine is no longer fun or inspiring, then you've lost the essential spirit piece.

If you’ve lost the fun and spirit, then you've gone too far into the mechanical or masculine energy of what a morning routine is supposed to be and do for you.    

If you are feeling stuck in your morning routine, it means you are bored or not excited and it just isn’t right for you.  

Change it up! 

Let your gorgeous, soft and loving feminine side create the morning routine that feels sooo good.   

Start your day from the inside out, rather than the outside in.   

Let your morning routine be INSPIRED - IN-SPIRIT.   

Let all the forces of the Universe come into support you.  

If you don't, you will feel like a feather getting tossed around in the wind, unable to gain momentum or follow a path toward your desired destination.  

Set yourself up to feel the way you want to feel every single day. 

And if you can’t get to your morning routine (spiritual routine) first thing in the morning – because life happens and shizzle happens and kids need us and animals have accidents, and all the things – then do it later in the day, but don't skip it.   

You will build spiritual momentum and be so proud of yourself for making time for YOU.   

If you can do your morning routine at the very start of every day, then do so.  

My morning practice starts when I begin coming into conscious awareness.  

At that moment, I feel grateful for the new day, the birds chirping if I can hear them, my dog snoring, my cat laying on my side, the sun rising, and the air I am breathing. 

I take a minute or two to let that gratitude chain extrapolate.  

It’s simple, but powerful and consistent.  

It is so important to start your day spending time with YOURSELF.  

You’re making a beautiful connection with you, independent of your surroundings, and inspired by spirit, source, and self that will serve you not just for the day, but for a lifetime. 


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