Reinvigorate Your Gratitude Practice With This Twist

abundance action steps gratitude mindset Aug 13, 2021

I have a daily gratitude practice.    

It has created amazing things in my life. My gratitude practice has allowed me to accomplish more than I ever thought possible. And it brings grace, peace, and joy to my heart and everyday life.    

One aspect of my practice is daily writing in my gratitude journal in the morning while having my coffee.  

I usually start the page with “I am so happy and grateful now that….” and then write in flow, filling the page with all the things I love and appreciate in my life. I often intentionally write about some things that haven’t happened yet or that I’m just starting to dream about, feeling as if they are already true. 

It’s not “I’ll believe it when I see it.” 

Like author Wayne Dyer said, “You’ll see it when you believe it.”

Recently I’ve begun adding a second page every morning, with a different starter phrase. This one is a question. Questions immediately start the human brain on a mission seeking answers.  

I thought that if I asked a question during my gratitude practice, I would celebrate the things that are already present in my life, and I would also discover how they come to be true. More blessings would be uncovered along with outcomes and possibilities that I hadn’t found yet.  

So my second page starts with this… 


“What makes me happy, healthy, and wealthy? 

What makes my life so wonderful?”  


The thoughts that come to me are a truly powerful reflection of the truth of my current life with my family, my business, our home, our lifestyle, our experiences. They’re also a clear, shining pathway to the things that I aspire to. These aspirations don’t make me feel like I’ve missed the boat or am screwing up. On the contrary, they inspire me and fill me with hope and optimism.  

Here is an example of what comes when I ask myself what makes me happy, healthy, and wealthy: 

  • I go to sleep early instead of trying to do just one more thing.   
  • I rest when I’m tired instead of starting something else. 
  • I schedule my morning so I don’t have to set an alarm for early appointments.  
  • I am patient with my kids. 
  • We eat at least one meal a day together as a family 6 days a week.  
  • I get things done that I say, want, and need to complete.  
  • I work only with amazing soul-mate clients.
  • I allocate my money only to things that feel good in my life and business.
  • I set regular money dates to pay bills so I always feel in control and on my money game.  

Writing in response to a question allows a flow of really satisfying, uplifting, yet grounding answers to come in. They are reminders, guidelines, and can be used as tangible affirmations and action steps. 

Can you see how adding a question as a starter for your written gratitude brings a different twist that makes attaining what you desire more easily accomplished? 

Your subconscious mind is searching for the answers to your questions.  
Try it for yourself and write what you receive in your gratitude journal on page two for the day. You’ll be grateful you did!

P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

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