How To Get Comfortable Talking About Money

Oct 26, 2022

And take the cringe out of money conversations!

Do money conversations make you sweat? Shrink in your chair? Scan the room for the nearest exit?

Are you downright afraid to talk about money sometimes?

Are you perfectly fine to talk about the stock market or to chime in with advice for someone else, but the minute the conversation turns to YOU, you immediately become uncomfortable?

It’s happened to ME, a money mindset coach.

Early in my career, I made my first big proposal to a new client. When it came to stating my price, my brain froze. My mouth malfunctioned. Instead of stating the very reasonable and well thought-out price of $4,000, I blurted out, “The investment is $4,001.”

For some inexplicable reason, I added one dollar to the price.

“Four thousand and ONE dollar?” she asked incredulously. “Why would there be an extra dollar??”

Recovering my senses quickly, I replied, “Oh, I just wanted to make sure you were listening!”

Ugh. I’ll never forget it. Not because it was totally embarrassing – which it was – but because it caused me to look at the underlying reason why I had a dizzying mind glitch when stating my price.

Why Are We Afraid to Talk About Money?

Intellectually, we know the answer is that talking about our own money situation is very personal. But we need to dig a little deeper. After all, you can talk about other personal things without your skin crawling.

So what is it about money?

Notice a situation where you are feeling afraid or reluctant to speak up and use your voice with regard to money. Perhaps one of these situations will stir up that uneasy feeling:

● Every time someone asks you your fees.
● Every time you ask someone their fees.
● When you send an invoice.
● When you call or email someone about an outstanding invoice.
● Saying no when a client asks for a discount.
● Saying yes when a client asks for a discount but feeling like you just discounted yourself.
● Asking for a business loan.
● When someone questions your fees or says you charge too much.
● Negotiating with a client who wants to drop out of a program.
● When a client asks for more than what was agreed upon in your offer.
● Telling your partner you want to invest in your business and yourself.
● Telling your partner that you haven’t made any, much, or enough money in your business…yet.
● Discussing debt with your partner.
● Telling your friends or family that you are quitting your day job and going out on your own.

All of these, and more, can create intense fear, resistance, and a whole lot of sweat and stress.

Why? It isn’t that you’re really afraid about money. There is something behind it, below it, beneath it that is causing all that sweat and the giant frog in your throat.

The underlying fear is more about being “kicked out of the herd,” rejected, losing approval, love, or being judged.

This most often happens for women, but it happens for men too.

These fears are so powerful they manifest as these giant boulders buried beneath the concept of money and conversations about money.

How Can You Overcome the Fear of Talking About Money?

By empowering your own voice.

Empowering your voice in money conversations can transform those scary scenarios into opportunities that enrich your life.

When you fail to empower your voice, those thoughts of what you could have said and the feelings you might have expressed turn inward and result in self-sabotaging behaviors.

You’re left feeling as if you have no choice and are out of options making it impossible to see possibilities and opportunities. You feel afraid of what will happen if you DO speak up or speak out.

How to Empower Your Voice and Talk About Money Without Cringing

Every one of us has a “money personality.” And each personality has its strengths and weaknesses.

I work with clients to help them discover their own Money Archetypes.

Understanding your archetypes, or personalities, gives tremendous clarity about:

● how you feel about money,
● why you behave as you do with money,
● what strengths you possess to help you create a healthier mindset,
● and the weaknesses you can be susceptible to.

My goal is to help you see that you do have choices and can access your strengths with money.

This helps you find your voice in a way that is authentic and powerful for you.

Everyone has situations that feel challenging for them. And it is very likely that you have built a story about the situation that you find challenging.

Once we have a story, we tend to cling to it as if it is the only truth.

It might feel real, but it isn’t. It’s just a story. And it magnifies emotions and behaviors that are not supporting you in a healthy and harmonious relationship with money, others, or yourself.

When we get really clear about our relationship with money, we get clear in our relationship with others and ourselves.

We can stop avoiding money conversations and stop sweating when we do have them.

This is one of the profound shifts – from the inside out – that my clients have in my Money Freedom Coaching Program.

Lift Your Money Voice!

Think back to the situation you read above that made you think, “Oh yes, this makes me squirm!”

You already know what happens when you don’t feel empowered to speak freely, confidently, and without fear.

How would you handle the situation if you could lift your money voice? If the uneasy, uncomfortable feelings melted away?


● State your fees without being afraid of what people might think.
● Make decisions about how to spend money from a place of logic, not scarcity.
● Send an invoice and feel thankful to have made a difference for someone else.
● Inquire about a late payment with calm and supportive energy instead of cringy vibes.
Stand firm and confident in upholding your boundaries when clients ask for a discount.
● Adjust your fees or give a bonus on your terms, not anyone else’s.
● Confidently ask for a business loan, excited about investing in yourself.
● Understanding, deep down inside, that you deserve to be compensated well for your work.

…you get the picture.

Your money voice gets lifted as you identify your money personality and understand your inborn tendencies, strengths, and challenges with money.

Money mindset and business coaching helps you go beyond fear and own your identity and voice so you can take action without fear, defaulting to the old behaviors that do not move you forward to where you want to be in your life and your business.

My coaching program, Money Freedom, is designed to help lift your money voice and lean into your money personality strengths in a safe and non-judgmental space.

When you embrace that empowered, confident, and supportive voice, you won’t shrink from money conversations.

You won’t sweat, cringe, or fear what others think.

And you definitely won’t add a random dollar to any perfectly beautiful, round-numbered price!

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