Make Decisions Quickly and Move Your Business Forward to the Good that Awaits

Nov 22, 2022

The most successful people in the world make decisions quickly and then move on.

But many women entrepreneurs put so much weight on making the right decision that it keeps us from making any decision at all. Trying to make the best decision means no action is being taken. The result? The Universe puts everything she wants to give you on hold.

Some of you might feel you're really good at making decisions and others of you may struggle with making decisions. I know at different points in my life, I have approached decision making differently.

I want to share with you the patterns to my decision making that have served me well.

Empowered Decision Making

Empowered decision making, the ability to make decisions quickly and confidently, is something that will serve you powerfully in your business. Decisiveness is the single most impactful mental move you can make. Assessing the situation and making a confident decision can solve enormous problems for you.

But what if the decision you make isn’t the right one?

It’s okay.

The act of making a decision to step forward in one direction or another is totally freeing and creates the momentum and space for the next great choice to come your way, even if that means changing directions or making different decisions.

Creating Momentum

I was working with a client in my Discover The Soul Of Your Brand VIP Day last week and our conversation turned to some important decisions that she wanted to make about her business.

She knew what she wanted to do and how she wanted to create her offer but didn’t know when to begin.

This is a common place where we get stuck. Many of you have a business you've been growing, fueling, and developing. If we're not careful, we can get stuck in the development stage of creating our business. Even if you’ve been in business for a couple of years, you can get stuck in the mindset of “still getting started” – and not delivering and monetizing.

Deciding to Make Money is a Powerful Place to Start

You’ve decided that you are in business to help people AND save the world AND all the other things that come from your heart. But you have to decide that you are in business to make money or else what you are calling a business is really a hobby.

And that’s fine if that is what you really want.

But if you want:

● to create financial wealth,
● the time freedom to do what you want, when you want,
● and to create the change that only you can provide for others,

then you must decide to make your business lucrative and profitable.

This is the kickstart you need to define your offers, get clients, get feedback, create amazing opportunities to help people, and get paid.

What’s Holding You Back?

I’ll bet I can guess some of the decisions you’re putting off:

● What your offer will be.
● What you will charge.
● When you will work on your business. Weekends? Nights? During the day?
● What you will call your business.
● Who your ideal client is. This is what I like to call your “soulmate client.”
● How people pay you.
● If you will work virtually, in person, or both.
● What your logo will look like. Hint: a logo is NOT necessary to sell things in your business and should be low on the have-to-decide-list.
● Choosing your website colors.
● Deciding whether to offer 1:1 or group sessions or trainings.
● What to name your business. Again, just call it what you want today, you can always make a different decision on a different day.
● Whether to do it all alone or hand off some things to a VA or other person who does that stuff better than you do.
● Whether to go it alone or work with a coach.
● How you will promote my work.
● How you will make your offer.
● Which email platform to use, Mailchimp or Constant Contact?
● What social platforms to engage, Instagram or Facebook? Or none of these social media outlet zoos?

Arghghghghgh! Making decisions can be exhausting!

Procrastination = No Decision Is a Decision

It can be really overwhelming to sit in the sea of indecision. That’s when procrastination happens. No one wants to feel defeated, tired, and discouraged.

When procrastination strikes, think of our wonderful teachers and guides, animals and Mother Nature.

When the lioness is moving toward the antelope, that antelope can’t stay in indecision. She has to MOVE.

In October and November here in the northeast, the squirrels don’t wake up and say, “Should I gather some nuts today or wait until tomorrow to decide?”


Nature doesn’t wait. She doesn’t get caught up in the overwhelm and distraction of deciding. She just does.

We humans can be afraid to make decisions because we're afraid of what the consequences might be. If I make a decision and it's the wrong one, then trouble awaits me.

But that's really not the case unless you’re making a life and death decision. The consequences of all your other decisions can be dealt with, if need be.

Decide to Decide!

What would happen if you made the next 5 decisions you wanted to make in your business more quickly than ever before? Would it propel you into new, uncharted territory where the next best things await you?

And what if you didn’t make the right decision?

Then you breathe and say, “Ok, decision made. What is the new decision I want to make now?”

Making decisions is really just taking action. Making decisions automatically creates an attitude of confidence, optimism, abundance, wealth, calm, connected consciousness, and success.

Decision making is good for you! Decide to decide with the mindset of “this is going to be great,” even if things turn out to be not-so-great. You can deal with that.

That attitude makes you unstoppable!

Decision making is a muscle, like so many other things in your entrepreneurial journey.

What is going to empower you to make decisions quickly, with optimism and passionate detachment? I'm not saying that you have to be the best decision maker in the world.
You can grow into that. The more experience we have, the more confidence we gain.

I want to support you today to actually step into the place of making decisions.

Attitude is a combination of your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. We decide what we want to think about and we decide how we want to feel about it. Then we decide to take action.

Here is your Soulful Business & Money Assignment:
Think right now of a decision in your business that is a challenge, one that’s causing you to procrastinate, to stay put, and feel some frustration. This will be easier than you think to identify because decisions you're having difficulty making will show up for you as a challenge, a problem, or a conundrum. You’ll feel like you're stuck, without the energy to move forward.

Now, answer these questions:

● What is the decision that you're not making?
● How is not making that decision keeping you stuck or idle?
● What do you want instead of being stuck or idle?
● What is the new decision you are going to make?

Write out the decision that needs to be made and a date when you'll make it.

And then decide.

If you're having challenges making a decision, I am here to help!

Reach out to me in my group Abundant and Soulful Women Entrepreneurs, Making Abundance with Your Brilliance. I'm here to help you on your way to being a successful and wealthy, profitable, soulful woman entrepreneur.

You're already soulful. And you're already an entrepreneur. That's why you're here – you've got your ideas, your steps, and the magic you bring to people, animals, and to the planet.

Now it's time to go out there and do your work. The best thing that you can do in the world is show up as you and give the service that you are inspired to offer. You’ll be of service, help people, help animals, and make great money in the process.

That, my friend, is a decision worth making!

P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

When you’re ready, here are four ways I can help you...

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