Marketing Is Not a Four Letter Word

confidence marketing mindset Jun 24, 2021

Women so often feel icky or sticky about “marketing” themselves and their business. 

Why is that? I know you could tell me 10 reasons why right off the top of your head.  Because you probably have this belief, too.

As young girls many of us heard things like: 

Children are to be seen and not heard;  

You’re acting too big for your britches; 

Don’t get haughty and brag;  

Who do you think you are?

And those overlying beliefs blanket us with shame, sometimes for a lifetime.  

Marketing is not bragging. You aren’t boasting or showing off or claiming to be the-bee’s-knees.  

It doesn’t have to feel yucky or shameful to show up and serve.    

The truth is that marketing is really not about you or your business.

It’s about your ideal clients! It’s about getting curious about what your ideal clients need to make their lives happier, more joyful, more comfortable, more free, and then offering to help them with your unique magic.

It is actually really fun and interesting to be curious about what your soul-mate-clients are struggling with or missing out on, and then sharing with them all the good things that will happen for them with your help, support, coaching, teaching, healing.  It is exciting!  

There are so many people out there who are going to benefit from working with you.   

Stop hiding!

The sun comes out every morning, and brings with it warmth and light and illuminates all the beauty in nature for us to see. The sun is never shy, or worried about appearing too big, too bright, too special.  

You are like the sun! Shine your light for your soul-mate-clients to find you and take in all the goodness you bring them.    

P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

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