Overcoming Doubt with One Simple Shift

inspiration mindset youareenough Jul 02, 2021

I used to think I wasn’t brave enough, 

good enough, 

smart enough, 

or unique enough 

to be a successful solopreneur.   


Believing that you have to be “a certain way” in order to be successful is a belief that comes from a mindset of scarcity.   


We have been conditioned to think that there are only a few spots available at the top and that those spots only go to

the very special, 

the most deserving, 

the very hard working,

or the truly gifted.   


This mindset story creates major breakdown in beliefs systems around business, such as: 


  • There can only be one person in my line of work, or in my niche, and dang it, she is already there. 
  • There is only one star guru and she already has said, done, written, taught, coached everything there is on the topics I love. 
  • There is only one superstar and she is more well known than me, so everyone is already working with her. Why would they hire me?  
  • There is already an expert in my niche and she is younger, prettier, smarter, wittier, better, and more ______ than me.
  • There can only be one winner (just like in high school, sports, prom queen, the Emmys)  and someone else has already won.  



There is more than enough for everyone. There is more than enough for everyone.  


 The world is an abundant place! There are

clients, success, ideas, money, words, resources, freedoms, happiness, abundance, joy…


More than enough of all, for everyone.  


You don’t have to be the best and the brightest. But you do have to decide that you have a place, and you have to decide to choose you. 


You are worthy, 

you are able, 

you are amazing at what you do.   

You wouldn’t be inspired to share it if you weren’t!    

Your inspiration is the spirit inside of you.  


The word inspiration comes from the Latin inspirare, to “breathe or blow into” from in- “into” + spirare “breathe.” It was originally used in reference to a divine or supernatural being, in the sense of “imparting a truth or idea to someone.” 


Choosing ourselves makes us uncomfortable sometimes. As women, we’ve received messages all our lives that we aren’t supposed to brag or be overly confident. It’s time to break the cycle of listening to those false narratives. 


I hope that my kids have an easier time owning their worth, their voice and their space at the top than I ever did. When I decided to choose myself I not only gained the confidence and esteem boost I needed to thrive, but I became a role model for my own daughter.  


You don’t need permission to be successful. You don’t need permission to be ready.  You don’t need permission to be you.  


If you feel like you do, I’m giving you permission.  


Don’t wait for anyone else to deem you worthy of creating what you want, doing business on your terms, and living the life of joy and freedom you’ve dreamt of.   


You are deserving of all that you dream of being, doing, and having.  


Choose yourself.  


P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

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