Six Revealing Elements of a Healthy, Wealthy Money Mindset

Oct 05, 2022

This optical illusion used to fascinate me as a child. I was amazed that from one angle I saw an old woman, but with a minor change in perspective I saw a young woman.

It’s a perfect metaphor for how your perspective and your mindset shape your reality.

Take, for example, how you think about money.

When you read that line, what was your immediate thought?

Was it, “Ew, no thanks, I’d rather not,” or was it “Ooooh! I love money!” or something in between?

Money is one of those things that people have very strong feelings about. And those feelings are created by how we’ve experienced money in our lives.

It’s shaped by many factors, including our parents, our childhood, the awful mistakes we’ve made, and the strokes of luck we’ve had.

Money is everywhere and a part of our everyday lives. There’s no getting above, under, or around it.

That’s why understanding your money mindset is critical to creating the kind of reality you want to have.

I’m going to show you the six elements that make up your money mindset so that you can begin to shift your perspective to see money as the vibrant beauty in your life instead of the shriveled old crone.

What is a money mindset?

We hear a lot of talk about money mindset in the coaching space, the entrepreneurship space, and on our personal growth and development journeys, but what is it, exactly?

Is it:

  • How we think about the money we have?
  • How we think about the money that we want to make?
  • How money works in our lives?
  • What money is?
  • Our history with money?
  • Our beliefs about money?
  • How money has or hasn’t supported us in our lives?

The truth is that all these things play a part in our money mindsets.

But don’t get confused between your internal belief system, your money mindset, and your accounting abilities.

Your money mindset isn’t:

  • a budgeting system,
  • an investment protocol,
  • about keeping accurate accounting,
  • getting better at doing your own bookkeeping, or
  • balancing your checkbook.

Your money mindset is your attitude, beliefs, and core values surrounding money…

…and it’s perhaps the most important thing we can be in control of in our lives – ever.

Our money mindset creates our outcomes.

I have a little wooden block in my office with this saying on it, “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”

That is the Truth in my mindset. I believe it with every cell in my body.

It is my core belief, and therefore, is what I experience in my life, personally and professionally.

Our money mindset is really an ALCHEMY of 6 elements.

I am going to go through these six elements here and would LOVE to invite you to chime in and tell me how these elements show up in your life.

Element One: Your Sense of Identity

This is how we identify ourselves as related to money. For example, do you identify as someone who makes $150 dollars a week, or $150k a year, or $150k a month?

These identities are very important.

If you have never made more than $1,500 a month in your business, you may not yet be able to identify yourself as someone who makes $150k a year. It can feel far from you or unattainable.

BUT if you start thinking about your life from the perspective of someone who makes $150k per year, you begin to have a different relationship with money. You begin to make different decisions and take new and different actions in your life and business.

If your money mindset was the optical illusion, you’d be seeing the vibrant woman full of promise.

I love coaching my clients on how to make decisions from where they want to be rather than from where they are today.

Element Two: Your Beliefs About Money

This is a wildly broad and deep topic and one of my absolutely favorites to coach on with my clients.

How we do money is how we do everything.

How we feel about money is reflected back to us in how we feel about all of life’s manifestations – relationships, our homes, our activities, everything.

Some of us have beliefs that having wealth and financial abundance is bad or dangerous because of what we were taught or witnessed in our earlier lives.

Some of us have beliefs that no matter what, there will never be enough money. We fall into feelings of scarcity and lack. That is naturally reflected back in various aspects of our lives.

Some of us believe that having money means we’ll have happiness - and as nice as that would be, having money and wealth makes it easier to solve lots of problems but it isn’t the be-all end-all answer to being happy.

Element Three: How You Value Your Time

How we spend our time reflects how we value ourselves. Valuing your time is directly related to how much you are willing to get paid or how much you are willing to charge for your services or products.

I meet many women in business for themselves who are massively undercharging and women who work for other people who are massively underpaid.

This part of the money mindset could have been planted long ago by well meaning people in our lives, mothers and fathers, telling us to be glad to have a decent wage and grateful to have a job.

Some of us have witnessed our parents working long hours in a job they didn’t even like just to make ends meet.

I can’t imagine spending all day doing something that didn’t light me up and didn’t value my time the way I have learned to value my time and freedom.

Element Four - Recognizing the Value You Offer to Others

This is a biggie!

Truly valuing the amazing results that you bring to your clients or customers makes all the difference between being a profitable and thriving business or a struggling business owner, undercharging and over-delivering.

Element Five: Self Talk

The questions or statements we tend to say TO ourselves and ABOUT ourselves have everything to do with our money mindset and all the elements I’ve listed so far.

I guarantee that you say things about yourself that you wouldn’t say about your best friend.

You wouldn’t say them about your best friend because you would never want to hurt her and you would never want to limit her potential or the possibilities available to her.

But I am willing to bet that time and time again you say things to yourself in your mind, or about yourself to others that are diminishing, limiting, undervaluing, and minimizing. This is what keeps you feeling unworthy.

Element Six: Your Sense of Self Worth

If you feel, deep down inside, that you are or are not worthy of a beautifully abundant life, worthy of money, happiness, love, order, ease, peacefulness, wealth, financial freedom, or security, then the Universe will listen. The Big U provides what you think about and ask for. If you repeat thoughts and images of what you don’t want, more of that will come into your experience. If you focus on the things you do want and believe you can and should have, you will receive those. You are worthy of having amazing things in your life including all the money you need and want. Focus on that and the wonderful things you will do with the money that you earn. Focus on how you will change life for those you love – children, animals, women, the oceans, the wild horses, our environment, our planet.

Creating a healthy money mindset changes everything.

Making the effort to uncover how you identify yourself and your beliefs about money, valuing your time and the gifts you bring to others, speaking kindly to yourself to build your self esteem isn’t always easy.

It takes effort and daily practice, but it’s SO worth doing.

By mastering a healthy money mindset you’ll improve every facet of your life:

  • the decisions you make,
  • the attitude you have toward people,
  • the opportunities you take,
  • the tone of optimism in your business,
  • how you spend your time,
  • how you save/spend/share your money,
  • how you value and price your services, and
  • how you talk to and feel about yourself.

By upleveling the way you do all of those things you will continually improve and master your money mindset! It is a beautiful cycle and system, continually evolving, like each of us and like all things in nature.

If you’re like most women entrepreneurs, you’ll find it helpful to share and learn from other women who are on the path to creating healthy money mindsets. You’ll relate to their stories and their experiences. You’ll see the same habits in others that you’re trying to change in yourself.

I invite you to join my Facebook group, Soulful Women Entrepreneurs ~ Creating Abundance With Your Brilliance, where we talk about money mindset and nature-inspired ways to improve our relationships with money. Together we’ll create more freedom and money in our lives and businesses.

With practice and support, you’ll all be able to look at life’s illusions until your gaze lands easily on the uplifting face of the value of money, time, and freedom.

P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

When you’re ready, here are four ways I can help you...

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