Soulful Abundance: An Exercise to Take You From Lack to More Than Enough

abundance mindset Jul 16, 2021

I love the concept of Abundance. It’s in the name of my business. And it deserves a capital A because it’s not just a trendy buzz word. It’s a real and powerful source that is accessible to all of us. 

I’m  here to tell you that you can lean on Abundance in a systematic way to support your mindset, decisions, and actions. It’s a source you can rely on as you grow your business to 6-figures and beyond. It can support you as you make a life that brings you everything you want.    

When you come from the place of Abundance, the energy you have is really intentional. It is also intense, determined, visionary, positive, faithful, certain, confident, and unstoppable.   

An Abundance mindset is like a muscle that needs to be built and maintained, especially if you have struggled with feelings of lack, scarcity, or fear, or if you’ve ever felt like you were less than, not good enough, or unsafe. If you’ve operated from these mindsets in the past, you may need to develop that Abundance muscle so that it becomes strong and flexible; up to the task when you need it.

An Abundance mindset is the antidote to scarcity. It washes it away like the tide, blows it away like the breeze, calls it out of the shadows like the sun.  

Abundance takes us to a deep, soulful place in our lives and our business. 

You can use Abundance in soulful ways, in spiritual ways, and in practical ways to create more goodness in your business, like gaining
more clients
more money
more freedom
more choices
more time
more impact and
more creative change in the world.

Having a Mindset of Abundance goes far deeper than saying affirmations or being all “rainbows and unicorns” and always positive. Living like that all the time can be draining! It’s not realistic, and it doesn’t work. 

Here’s a workout for your Abundance Mindset muscle.

First, let’s set the stage for the Abundance mindset. Then, we’ll work that muscle to make it strong by creating action steps to make your dreams come true.  

Think of something you want or need more of in your business. Is it
Money?  Time?  Clients?  Team?  Help?  Offers?  Packages?  

But wait! Thinking of this thing as “this is something I need more of” comes from a place of scarcity. Scarcity energy creates a feeling of lack and not having enough.  

Instead, let’s shift this need from one of scarcity to one of abundance. That’s a much better position from which to take ACTION to bring it to fruition.

Identify what you need/want more of (time, money, team, offers, clients, etc.)
Instead of asking: Why don’t I have more _______? 

Step 1: 
Ask yourself:  What does an abundance of _________(your choice)___ look like for me? 

Get really really specific in answering this question.   
Example: What does money coming in at least 4 days a week look like for me?
Example:  What does making $10,000 a month look like for me? 

Step 2:
Ask yourself: What creates an abundance of ___________(your choice)_______?
Example:  What creates money coming in at least 4 days a week for me?
And notice how your brain starts to look for ways to do that - such as:
Talk to 10 potential clients each week
Put up my course and tell everyone i know about it
Create an ebook to sell on my website


These questions take us out of the land of fear and scarcity and into an ocean of potential and possibility!


Example:  Time

What does an abundance of time look like for me?
My work hours are 10-2 every day
I have two days of no scheduled appointments every week
I am free every day after 2pm

What creates an abundance of time?
I have help for the things I don’t want to do, like bookkeeping and house cleaning
I outsource my website updates because I struggle with tech and letting it be “good enough”
I delegate the things to my VA that I should not be doing as CEO of my business like creating my own branded PDFs and workbooks.  

Step #3:
Take honest and abundant action, no excuses and no wishy-washy boundaries. 

Hire a bookkeeper
Hire someone to clean your house once a week
Hire a phenomenal VA to do your website updates and create your eBooks, workbooks, and PDFs.   

Be of an Abundance Mindset.  
Exercise it like a muscle.

You can easily break this little exercise down to approach your day with abundance, your task list with abundance, your enrollment conversations with abundance, and anything else you intend to focus on today in your joyful life and your beautiful business.    

Set your mindset. 

Expect that you can, will, and deserve to have what you want to be, do, and have. 

Take actions toward making it happen. 

Expect that the results you want will come to you. 





P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

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