The Worthiness Connection to Money, Abundance, and Prosperity

Oct 17, 2023

Do you feel worthy of becoming wealthy?

It’s a strange question, I know, but it’s a really important one.

“Wealthy” is such a loaded word that comes with all kinds of different connotations for different people.

Some people immediately think of wealth as a big, fat bank account. In Switzerland. A vault stuffed with gold bars, diamonds, and cash.


Others think of wealth in terms of having enough to do whatever you want to do, when you want to do it.

Whatever your definition of wealth is, you have to feel worthy to receive it for it to flow to you.

Wealth and Worthiness

Wealth and worthiness go hand in hand.   

Here’s a universal Truth:

You cannot have wealth without having self-worth and internally feeling worthy of having money, prosperity, and wealth. 

This may be something that you’ve heard before, or it may be something that you KNOW intellectually.

Today, we’re going to tackle how to develop that sense of feeling worthy of wanting more and having more:

  • More time 
  • More freedom 
  • More alignment  
  • More money

The Unworthiness Cycle 

You’ve embraced entrepreneurship for many reasons, but one of the most compelling reasons is to make more money so you can have the freedom and security to make choices about what, how, and when to do things in life.

That desire to make more money is often accompanied by the fear that it won’t come. 

That kicks off fear’s nasty little sidekick, worry.


Fear and worry are really good at chipping away at your confidence. 

“Maybe I don’t have what it takes to be really successful.”

“This is probably a pipe dream.” 

“Success comes for smart, confident people, not people like me.”

“Most wealthy people have had some kind of advantage. They’re not regular people like me.”

“I’m being foolish to think I can have this kind of life.”


Thoughts like these go ‘round and ‘round until you feel downright UNWORTHY of being the wealthy woman you’ve been dreaming about.


And if you feel unworthy of making great money, becoming wealthy, then you’ve sent a clear signal to money: DON’T BOTHER COMING HERE.

Creating Worthiness

I was a woman who believed I was worthy of having a masters degree, multiple certifications, making $100,000 a year, and owning a farm.

I succeeded in accomplishing those things… 

…but there was always a little tickling feeling inside me that kept me wanting more. 


That’s why I followed my vision to become an animal communicator, teacher, and create my own business.  

On this path, I learned to THINK differently. FEEL differently. BEHAVE differently.   

I started writing down what I want and I love.  

I did this because I knew, deep in my bones, that humans are here on this planet for two reasons:

➤To do what you LOVE for people, animals, others AND you are here 

➤To learn how to create the LIFE YOU LOVE


I firmly believe that the only way to do that is to expand and elevate yourself.  


To elevate and expand, you must get very curious about yourself.  


As you become curious about yourself, you exponentially grow in your SELF WORTH.   

Wealth Within


There are a bunch of people who really don't know themselves at all.  

They do a lot of complaining and ruminating.

They put an enormous amount of attention on what’s wrong, what’s lacking, what’s painful, what’s out of reach, what comes out of nowhere to block their path.


What they don’t understand is that when you are on a path toward your dreams of living a prosperous life, you have to develop self awareness of the things you love, the things you want more of, the things that light you up. 

Focusing on those increases your feelings of SELF WORTH.  

But beware: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that abundance comes from outside, that all the things that we want to be, do, and have are OUT THERE.  


The reality is that all of the abundance that you desire comes from WITHIN.  


Our OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES are just a reflection of our INNER CIRCUMSTANCES.  

If you don’t know yourself, there is no way to have permanent or sustainable ABUNDANCE or WEALTH.  

Know Thyself

You can completely change life in no time when you start doing personal inquiry and practicing self awareness. 

THAT is what brings about ABUNDANCE, MONEY and WEALTH.  


Ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes me happy?    
  • Why do these things make me happy?  


Write the answers down. They provide the most valuable information you will ever find to create the inner self worth that unlocks the door to abundance, prosperity, and wealth.  


Now, do the same with these questions:

  • Why do they upset me?  


There is magic in understanding why things trigger you. 

This is a concept that I teach animal communicators as they are deepening their abilities and working toward becoming certified professional animal communicators. 

Going deep into understanding yourself is the only way to truly understand another being.  


So when things upset you or trigger you, or irk you… ask WHY?   


We were taught to be pissed. We were taught to be annoyed.  

Blame is rampant.   


We all know people who are negative.  


We are all aware of them, but THEY ARE NOT AWARE OF THEMSELVES.  


They don’t want to be that way, but they don’t know any other way to be!  


When you realize that it’s not really the other person that’s upsetting you, it’s a reflection in you that you can do something about. 

To know you can assert control over these situations is downright liberating!

Disengagement Techniques

If you are going to complain about someone or something, DON’T. Ask yourself WHY you want to complain.


If you are going to talk poorly about someone, DON’T. Ask yourself why you’re bothered by that person. Get really really curious about it!  


Bow out of speaking negatively about someone or something. Shift your attention, which means shifting your thoughts to something you love instead.   


Self awareness allows you to build a life based on what you actually want, allowing you to create ABUNDANCE and WEALTH.   


What do you know without a doubt about yourself?   


What do you know without a doubt what you are here to experience? 


Living in this way is a powerful antidote to fear, sadness, and feelings of low self worth and unworthiness.


Practice becoming aware of yourself. As you do, you will become more and more WORTHY OF ABUNDANCE AND WEALTH. 


Worthiness and awareness are intertwined: 

  • We can only be aware of something if we are at the same vibrational level. 
  • We can only understand something if we are at the same vibrational level. 
  • We can only attract something if we are at the same vibrational level. 
  • We can only be worthy of something if we are at the same vibrational level. 


➤Get curious about yourself.  

➤Get curious about what you want, and why. 

➤Get curious about what makes you happy and why. 

➤Get curious about what makes you fearful and ask why. 

➤Get curious about what makes you frustrated and why. 


You will immediately become more SELF AWARE (self worthy) 


You will immediately notice a shift in your energy and your mood,  

which means a shift in your vibration, 

which means moving back into a state of FLOW with spirit, which means 

more goodness, abundance, and wealth will start to be in like vibration with you and FLOW TO AND WITH YOU…  

… THAT VIBRATION is the place to take action from.   


You don't want to take action from a vibration of unworthiness, fear, anger, lack, or negativity.    


You want to take action from a place of AWARENESS and WORTHINESS. 


This is magical for you in your life, your business, and in your relationship with money.  


Get curious about you!   

You will attract all you want and more!   

To get guidance on what this looks like in your own life, schedule a free discovery call. 


I’d love to help you feel confident, open, and worthy of all of life’s abundance!

P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

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