There Is Always More Of What You Want & Need

Jul 23, 2021

“If you approach the ocean with a cup, you can only take away a cupful; if you approach it with a bucket, you can take away a bucketful.”  - Ramana Maharshi

We’ve been conditioned by our upbringing, by society, and by our experiences to believe in things that aren’t based in Truth. And unless you’re enlightened otherwise, you may continue to believe in those things without ever questioning their validity.

Today, I’m going to share some Universal Truths that may challenge your old thinking and open up new pathways to opportunities that you never dreamed possible.

#1 There is always more money. 

One of the foundations of an abundance and success mindset is the philosophy and belief that there is always more. There is more than enough for everyone, and there is more available to us, to all of us, in this beautiful Universe than we could ever use or need.  

It doesn’t always feel this way, of course. The truth of financial inequality, poverty, and struggle in our world is REAL. But another truth exists simultaneously: the opportunity to change our financial circumstances is almost always present. 

As women we tend to think: 

There is only room enough for one winner, 

and someone already won, so I can’t win, and

if I am successful it’s surely at the expense of someone else.

Because these thoughts are humming along in the background of our subconscious, we hold ourselves back from being wildly successful…because it is kind and ladylike to not be overly successful and not be too greedy, or confident, or expect great things.

None of this is true.

What is true is that everything and anything you want to be, do and have is available for you.

Just ask.  Trust that you know what you need to reach those goals.

 All of the money that ever was or will be is wherever it is right now.  


All of the freedom, happiness, and ease is right there, just waiting to come to you. 


Money and the fulfillment of your dreams is all around you and available to you any time you get into alignment and vibration with it through your feelings, thoughts, actions and results. 

There is always more than enough money. Write it. Say it. Sing it. Believe it.  


#2 There are always more ideas and opportunities coming to you.

What if you missed out on a new client opportunity? Or what if someone else just launched the course you have been so excited about working to create? Or what if someone just published the book you've wanted to write??

So what.  

Who cares?

There are a million, no, make that billions of other ideas, possibilities and opportunities.   

And there are millions of people out there who want to hear it, learn it, and read it, from you

I promise.  There is more than enough for you. 


#3 There are always more than enough clients. 

You might feel that there are just a few people who are right for you and fewer still for whom you are the right person.

You might feel like it is scary to make new relationships and create a connection with newcomers to your world. You might feel there isn’t any one left for you, that they have all been seduced by someone else in your field. Nope. There is always someone wanting what you’re offering and ready, perfect for you to teach, coach, train, heal, or inspire. 

Never forget that there are clients out there - right now - who are clamoring for your love, magic, specialty, heart, and expertise. 

How do you talk with them? How do you meet them? How do you call them into your world?  How do you start that relationship? I can help with that.


#4  There is always more than enough time.

Time may seem elusive, but the truth is we all get the same 24 hours to work with. There’s never any less. As one of our most valuable resources, we need to care for it as we do other resources like money. Remember that time, just like money, is energy.

Make time your friend. Talk with time about your desires. Talk about time like she is your bestie and would never let you down. Appreciate time and don’t waste her availability in your life and projects and endeavors. Love time, don’t curse her. Love time and she will love you back.  


Embrace these Truths, shift your mind, and watch the blessings flow. 


P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

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