Transition from Hourly to Packages and See Amazing Results

Sep 03, 2021

Many of my clients come to me wanting to take their business to the next level. Wanting to uplevel your business often begins with these two questions:

How do I create deeper results for my clients? 

How do I avoid the burnout that comes from working with clients one session at a time? 

And my answer to both of their questions is - packages! 

  • Packages allow you to serve your clients at the highest level because you can include everything they need, not just what you can fit into an hour.    
  • Having packages in your business allows you to give your all to your clients. But the best part is that you’ll still have the time and energy to create more value to bring to the world and enjoy your life and family!  
  • Packages are absolutely the way to go if you want to increase your income.  

If you’ve been hesitating to create packages for your business, you’ve likely experienced these fears:

  • Your clients won’t pay for a package 
  • Offering a package feels like you’re “roping people in”
  • It feels like you’re asking for people to invest in something they haven’t received yet   

Hello world...isn’t this the way we buy refrigerators, milk, and beach chairs? 

We pay for them and then we can take them home.   

Creating packages benefits you financially (yay!), but it’s also better for the client. Think about it this way…

Pretend you’re a fruit farmer. (Go with me on this.)

A client comes to you wanting delicious fruit. “Excellent! Fruit is my jam!” you say without any apologies for the terrible pun.

Now this new client wants FRUIT. You offer them an apple a week.

Are you meeting their need for fruit? Sort of...

Do they know all you have to offer? 

Are they bowled over by your delicious offerings? Are they excited to have found a farm that can provide all they need? 

Are they feeling the relief knowing they’ll never have to search for a place to buy fruit ever again???


This is what it’s like when you work with clients session by session or by the hour.

You’re meeting their needs in the moment, but they aren’t sure what else they may get in future sessions.

And because they don’t know all the things you offer, they could decide to try another farmer. They walk away never having experienced the amazing benefits of your business.

Offering packages, on the other hand, enables you to work with your clients over a period of time. You both know what you are going to cover together and what the client will take with them when your package is complete.

They don’t get one measly piece of fruit each week, they get a bountiful basket full!

And that’s not all! Packages contain so much more. You’ll give them recipes to make delicious desserts, and you’ll teach them how to make a flaky pie crust, how to whip up healthy smoothies, and creative ways to use all the varieties they’ve purchased!

This analogy can be applied to any business, whether you are a health coach, Reiki healer, image stylist, life coach, hypnotherapist, animal communicator, copywriter, real estate agent, name it!    

It’s all about Mindset - Mindset - Mindset!  

Developing the mindset that packages are your mainstay is critical if you want to elevate your business and help more people with your great service. 

Working with clients through packages is absolutely a natural and elevating progression for you as a practitioner, healer, coach, trainer, or whatever your magic is! 

And you don’t have to take my word for it. Mother Nature demonstrates the power of packages - the real, whole deal - in many ways. 

A seedling that nestles into the ground in late summer knows that it needs the whole package of events coming it’s way before it will be the beautiful flower that appears in the spring. It has to germinate, wait, get watered, absorb nutrients, receive sunlight, more water, warm weather, and then, blooms! 

Racoon kits stay with their mothers for up to a year to learn the skills they need to survive independently. They need that time to ensure they have the skills and experience to thrive in the forest. 

While your clients are not your children or your responsibility, you do have responsibility to give them what they need to create the transformation they came to you for. And if you are honest with yourself, it is hardly ever possible with a “one and done” kind of thing.     

There are so many benefits to both you and your clients to working through high-end packages!  

  • You can focus on creating amazing results and creating deep transformations for your clients rather than having to sell your time and book your schedule full every day.  
  • You get to work with clients who are committed to their own growth and transformation through working together.
  • You free up more of your time because you don’t have to work with as many people to reach your income goals.  
  • You avoid burning out. 
  • You can nurture and nourish your energy by working only with clients you love. (It doesn’t mean you don’t love your hourly clients, it just means that you get to work with only those you love.) 
  • You quickly become better and better at what you do because you are immersed fully in a packaged process. 
  • You feel fulfilled at the levels of your heart and your soul.  
  • You get to keep your business simple, streamlined, and easy to run which equals a no-stress business model.
  • You have freedom to do more of the things you love to do.   
  • You sign on clients who really want to work with YOU and who are invested in themselves. That’s the best!  

If you are currently working by the hour in your business and crave more time and money freedom, then my love, here is your answer.

You are being called to the next level of serving - where you can make a deeper, broader impact in the lives of your clients. 

I LOVE coaching clients on creating their packages!

If you'd like to explore how to create packages for your business, reach out! Let's get you on the path to working less, making more money, and creating a bigger impact for your clients!

P.S. Enjoying more freedom and abundance in life and business means serving more while working less and making more money! Time freedom and money freedom are the bomb!  

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