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How to Sell, Enroll, and Call Clients WITHOUT Feeling Pushy or Icky Jul 02, 2021

I had a conversation with one of my clients this week about her resistance to marketing, specifically her resistance to having sales conversations with her potential clients. 

She shared that having sales conversations with potential clients made her feel pushy and icky and that people were...

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Overcoming Doubt with One Simple Shift Jul 02, 2021

I used to think I wasn’t brave enough, 

good enough, 

smart enough, 

or unique enough 

to be a successful solopreneur.   


Believing that you have to be “a certain way” in order to be successful is a belief that comes from a mindset of...

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Marketing Is Not a Four Letter Word Jun 24, 2021

Women so often feel icky or sticky about “marketing” themselves and their business. 

Why is that? I know you could tell me 10 reasons why right off the top of your head.  Because you probably have this belief, too.

As young girls many of us heard things like: 


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